Preview a creative in the creative console

Use the creative console to preview display creatives or push previews to a mobile device from the Creatives section. In the creative console, you can:

  • See additional creative details like type and dimensions
  • Generate a scannable QR code of the creative URL to quickly open it with a mobile browser
  • Push a creative to a device for previewing
At this time, you can only preview display creatives in the creative console. Video and native creatives are not yet supported.

Preview a creative in the creative console

  1. Navigate to Troubleshooting > Creatives.
  2. Find the creative you want to preview, then hover over the preview  icon. Beneath the preview, click Preview in creative console. A new window will open with the creative preview in the creative console.

Opening the Creative Console from the Creative Explorer
Opening the creative console from the Creatives section.

See how your final creative will look

When you first preview a creative, it will display automatically on a blank screen in Desktop mode. Use the drop-down menus at the top of the screen to change how the preview is displayed.

Mobile preview mode

Use the mobile preview mode to preview how MRAID creatives will look on a mobile device. Supported creatives are framed by a device.

To change the context (either within a mobile app, or in a mobile browser), use the Context menu:

  • To view the creative in a mobile app, select In-app.
  • To view the creative in a mobile browser, select Mobile web.

To change the device, use the Device menu:

Select a device by name (for example, iPad or Nexus 7) to show your creative on that device. To rotate the device into landscape or portrait mode, click Rotate device Rotate device.

To send the preview to a phone or tablet, install the Creative Preview app or scan a QR code.

Desktop preview mode

Use the desktop preview mode to preview how the creative will look in a desktop browser.

While in desktop preview mode, you can customize how the preview is displayed using the Website menu:

  • To view the creative on a blank page, select Blank.
  • To view the creative on a sample website and adjust desktop positioning, select Sample website.
  • To view the creative on any website, select Custom URL. This URL can be any website, but the creative preview can only be shown if that website has an ad placement that's the same size as the creative you're previewing.

Desktop preview mode

Send a preview to a mobile phone or tablet

There are two options for sending a preview to a device: you can install the Creative Preview app on your device to see an accurate preview of mobile in-app creatives or you can scan a QR code with your phone to open a preview using your mobile web browser.

Preview mobile creatives using the Creative Preview app

  1. If not installed already, install the Creative Preview app on your device.
  2. Open a creative in Bid Manager and click Preview.
  3. Open the Preview location drop-down menu. Under "Push to device", you'll see a list of linked devices that have the Creative Preview app installed.

    Available devices are paired with your account when you sign into the app. If you don't see any available devices, first add a device, then refresh the page.
    The device name that appears in the "Push to device" list in the Preview location menu is your device's model name. You can change this name in the Creative Preview's app settings on your device to make it easier to remember.
  4. Select the device name to send the creative to. The preview is sent to the Creative Preview app and you'll get a notification on your device. Tap the notification to open the preview. (If you don't get a notification on your device, app notifications may be disabled. Learn how to enable notifications)

Scan a QR code to preview on a device

  1. Open the Preview location menu, then click Scan QR code.
  2. Use a QR code reader app on your device to scan the displayed QR code. (Search Google Play or the Apple App Store for "QR scanner".) After you scan the code, the creative is opened in your mobile browser.

Push creatives from the creative console to the Creative Preview app

There are two options to seamlessly push a display creative to the Creative Preview app from the creative console:

Use the Preview location menu to push to your mobile device

If you've already downloaded the Creative Preview app and use the same username for the app as you do for your Authorized Buyers account, your device name should appear in the Push to device drop-down. 

Click Preview location, then under "Push to device", select your device's name. 

Scan a QR code

  1. To load a scannable QR code for your creative in the creative console, click Preview location and then Scan QR code.
  2. Open the Creative Preview app on your device.
  3. Go to the Creatives list (tap menu Menu > Creatives), tap add add creative button, then tap Display.
  4. Enter a name for the creative.
  5. To scan the QR code, tap Scan Scan QR code button in the Creative Preview app.
  6. Tap OK to allow Creative Preview to access your device's camera, then point your camera at the code to scan it. The creative's URL will be automatically filled in the "HTTPS URL" field.
  7. Select the ad type, either "Banner" or "Interstitial". (For expanding creatives, select "Banner".)
  8. Enter the width and height of the creative, or use 0x0 for interstitials.


The creative console and "Preview location" button are not yet available for video creatives, but you can add them manually. Learn how to add a video creative to the Creative Preview app.
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