Marketplace overview

Learn how Marketplace can help you reach campaign goals

The Marketplace offers a way for you to discover publishers and publisher inventory quickly and easily. You can search, sort, and filter to find products directly matching your campaign goals.

Benefits of the Marketplace

  • Showcase publisher inventory for you to easily discover, negotiate and manage your deals.
  • Publisher details are driven from publisher profile data, including performance, audience, and inventory details.
  • Automatic propagation of all current products and deals. No migration is required.
  • Filter options are based on a variety of dimensions to quickly find the right partner for your campaigns.
  • Searchable product attributes, such as audiences, ad formats, verticals, and environments.
  • Display of products available to all buyers and preferred deals & private auction inventory, exclusively for you.

Learn more about the Marketplace

The Marketplace is the future of publisher and publisher inventory discovery for Authorized Buyers. You can find more information, including how to use Marketplace features, in the articles below.

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