Discover inventory and publishers

Use the power of forecasting to find inventory

Use the Marketplace to find inventory across all Google partners for open auction buying and deal making. You can browse for inventory by sites and apps, by publisher, and narrow down the results by searching for specific criteria.

Marketplace uses the power of forecasting, which enables you to find inventory from Google partners using criteria that are automatically detected instead of publisher declared (for example, content vertical classification, viewability, sizes, formats, and so forth).You can use the marketplace to find matching site and apps that are eligible for open auction or deals, then export them for media planning or find matching publishers to reach out to directly through their contact information or the request for proposal (RFP) workflow. Learn more about requesting a proposal for publisher inventory.

  1. Sign in to Authorized Buyers.

  2. Click Marketplace.
  3. From the left menu, select Discovery.

View statistics across all inventory

The forecast widget gives an estimate of the number of impressions and unique users expected across all inventory over a 7-day period based on recent history, as well as breakdowns into individual metrics (user gender, geo, device, and so forth). The bid landscape chart shows the bidding activity for the sold inventory matching your search criteria. As you adjust the filters along the right, the statistics will change as well.

Discover publishers, sites and apps, and Google Curated Packages

To browse results by publisher:

  • From the middle table, select the Publishers tab.The table will show Marketplace publishers with 7-day forecasting that match your search criteria. The results are sorted by impression volume. Only publishers that are available for deals will be listed. 
To see more information about a publisher or to send a Request for Proposal (RFP), click the publisher's name. Inventory will be broken down by things like user gender, geo, device, format, age, and so forth. Top sites and apps are also displayed, as detected by forecasting.

To browse results by sites and apps:

  • From the middle table, select the Sites and apps tab. Marketplace results automatically display impression volume and uniques that match your search criteria, as determined by forecasting. The Publishers column lists all publishers serving the inventory for the particular site or app.
To see more information about a site or an app, click its name. Inventory will be broken down by things like user gender, geo, device, format, age, and so forth. Top sites and apps are also displayed, as detected by forecasting. 
Sites and apps that are managed by publishers on AdMob or AdSense will have their publisher name set to "AdMob publisher" or "AdSense publisher". 

To browse results by Google Curated Packages:

  • From the middle table, select the Google Curated Packages tab. The table shows a list of auction packages along with a row of featured ones along the top of the page. 
    To see more information about each auction package, click View (for featured packages) or on each package (for listed packages). Each package will be broken down by basic details, targeting, and subscribing clients. Learn more about auction packages

Filter the results with specific criteria

You can narrow the search results and overall forecast by specifying filters from the Filter Inventory pane on the right.

Learn more about filter categories
Category Criteria
Publisher (text search)

Filter results by matching the publisher names.


Age Select to only view inventory served to users within a certain age range.
Gender Select to only view inventory served to users of a certain gender.
User geo Select to only view inventory served to users from a certain geographical location.*
Audience list Filter inventory by one or more first-party user lists. You can search for inventory matching an inclusion or exclusion of user lists.

Select All to view display, out-stream video, and in-stream video inventory.

Select Display to view inventory eligible for display ads.

Select Video to view inventory eligible for video creatives (includes: in-stream, interstitials, in-article, in-feed, and etc.) You can further refine your results by specifying video placements.

Environment Select to only view inventory offered on certain environments such as app or web.
Device Select to only view inventory offered on desktop, tablets, mobile, or Connected TV.
Display inventory size Select to only view inventory offered in certain sizes.
Video options Select to only view inventory for certain out-stream and in-stream video formats, video durations, placements, positions, playback methods, technologies, VPAID compatibility, player sizes, skippable, skippable durations, and ratings.
Publisher Type to search for a specific publisher by name.
Mobile app Type to search for a specific app by name.
Domain Type or paste a list of sites to view inventory served on these sites.
Vertical Select to only view inventory categorized as certain verticals, such as sports, travel, finance, etc. Click More options to select sub-categories for verticals.
Language Select to only view inventory offered in certain languages.
App category Select to view apps from the Apple app store, Google play, or Windows Phone apps
Viewability Filter results by forecasted viewable impressions and uniques.

If you've selected filter criteria in the Marketplace, each filter criterion appears below each filter. To remove any of the filters, click the Remove filter icon beside the corresponding filter.

Create auction packages

You can create auction packages by clicking Create auction package above the table.

  • Authorized Buyers automatically imports any eligible filters you selected into the auction package settings. You can then update the targeting and other settings before saving the auction package.
  • Some Discovery targeting filters aren’t eligible to be used in auction packages, either because of parity issues with the filter sets or privacy concerns. The “Create Auction Package” page will list any filter types you selected that aren’t supported in auction package targeting.

Exporting data

You can export up to ten thousand rows of publishers and inventory data to a CSV (comma-separated values) file.

To export publishers and inventory data:

  1. From the table in the middle, click to view the export options menu.
  2. Select either Publishers or Sites and apps to download the data as a CSV file.
It can take a few seconds for the download to start and up to a few minutes for it to finish. In the meantime you can continue using Authorized Buyers, however do not close the browser until the download has finished.

Find out how to negotiate deals and initiate offers.

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