Target inventory categorized by dimension

Learn how to use dimensions to target available inventory

Inventory Discovery allows you to target available inventory based on dimensions.

To add targeting based on dimensions:

1. Click Marketplace and then Discovery.

2. Navigate to "Filter Inventory" to the right of the interface and select any of the following dimensions:

Dimension Description
User geography All targetable regions. Search for a region in the search box at the top or browse through them all.
Languages All targetable languages.
Ad position Choose whether you'd like your results to be limited to Above the fold or Below the fold.
User lists All available user lists associated with your account. To learn more, see Inventory Discovery: Advanced queries.
Brand safety exclusions Site categories the Authorized Buyers blocks by default for new campaigns. Learn more about how to Exclude sensitive or mature topics in your campaigns.
Inventory formats By default, image ad inventory is shown. Check Flash or HTML5 to include these types as well.
Creative sizes Select a few ad sizes to limit the inventory results. See all supported sizes in the Authorized Buyers.
Page verticals Detected page content categories, as passed by detected_vertical in the BidRequest. See the complete list of verticals, and our Bid Response guide for context.
Deals Select one or more Preferred Deals or Private Auctions to see an inventory estimate made available by these deals. To learn more, see Inventory Discovery: Advanced queries.
Devices Narrow your results to specific device platforms: Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile.
Demographics Narrow your results to the demographic groups you'd like to reach, with both age and gender categories.
Video context Choose from a variety of video targeting criteria:
Placement: Preroll, Midroll or Postroll.
Platform: Whether the video appears on a Game or a Mobile interstitial, for example.
Video format Duration: Choose the length of the ad slot.
Format: Whether the video player accepts HTML5, FLash or neither.
VPAID: Whether the ad slot is VPAID compatible.

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