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How do i disable google assist. Its hanging up on my calls when head set is plug in Please get rid of this google assistant. My calls are being effected, when I'm using ear phones
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I keep getting: "Sure. Let me get some more information so I can help you with that" on Google Ast I have enabled Web
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Using Android Auto, I replied to Google Assistant, it gave me attitude and didn't execute my command I responded to 3 separate questions from Google Assistant using Android Auto and all I got was attit…
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Are there 3rd party /additional voices for Google assistant, besides John legend and stock options? Went through the stock voices in assistant settings, are there any more or a way to download more? L…
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routines not working Stock routine is very erratic. Some days works perfect, other days only partially works. I am using …
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My bank has a cheque depositing feature but the camera is underneath the Google assistant button. How to change either the Google assistant setting so it is not in the same place as my camera to dep…
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"Ok Google" forces my phone to stay awake I've got a OnePlus 6T running Android 9.0 So last night I've put the airplane mode to the phone. It …
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Pixel stays on after saying OK Google In my home when I say Ok Google my google homes spring to life and start listening, at the same time…
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How to use the Google assistant in Chinese (Hong Kong) My friend has a Google pixel 3 xl and she has the language option of Chinese Hong Kong. But I have t…
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Could say "Yo Google" in addition to "Hey/OK Google" if not, it is an amazing feature to add
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Google Assistant - Microphone problems? I've read forum posts, FAQs, uninstalled, disabled Bixby, cleared the cache for Google Assistant, re… Howdoigetgoogletounlockmyphone wheni say ok google or hey google it just says unlock voice is paused I'm trying to get Google to unlock my phone when I say hey Google or ok Google it just says that unl…
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Google Assistant not setting reminders with Ok Google voice command When I say Ok google now, set a reminder, assistant will not set a reminder, it says, ' Sorry, I can…
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Having an issue where the assistant voice with Pixel headphones is different than that of the phone Tried changing the voice on both the device and my Google account, but to no no avail. Is it possibl…
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My Google Assistant voice keeps changing on its own. At various times it uses two different voices? As stated above, at various times on its own my Google Assistant is changing it's voice. Under setti…
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Issue "connecting" for Google assistant settings I'm trying to access my Google assistant settings via the Google app. However I keep getting the bel…
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I can't set up my voice in Google assist in my new mobile (mi a3) .When am trying google assist says I can't set up my voice in Google assist in my new mobile (mi a3) .When am trying google assist says…
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hey google doesn't beep. it vibrates. media volume, accessibility, Unfortunately, Google has stopped working Hello, I use the Google Assistant quiet a lot. Especially when I can't use my hands. So when I can't…
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Will the new Pixel Assistant work on Pixel 4 purchased in Germany, but set to English? I am an American who lives in Germany. If I buy the Pixel 4 in Germany, and set the language to Engl…
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