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"What's on my screen?" doesn't work! I want old "Now on Tap" feature which let's user for example copy text from screen. But when I asked… My Google assistant keeps popping up and turning off my music or hanging up my phone when i have my headphones in. It keeps popping up and bugging me. Its out of control its acting like a virus. I'm trying to shut it off How do I delete Google Assistant entirely? I already tried the advice to go under settings and de-select it as the voice assistant app. I just … How to change Google Assistant's default spelling for commonly used proper names? Some first names (often used when using GA to transcribe a message - voice to text) are spelled in v… Ok Google responds but no sound. I tried everything it says to fix,but when I say ok Google I get no feedback.. I want to PERMANENTLY REMOVE GOOGLE ASSISTANT!It keeps popping up AFTER it has already been disabled I want to PERMANENTLY REMOVE GOOGLE ASSISTANT! It keeps popping up AFTER it has already been disable… I want to turn off the Google Assistant. I don't want it anymore. And the instructions that come with it tell me how to turn it on! I don't want to turn it on I want to turn it off! It keeps telling me to press my home button I don't know what the hell that is. I have an Android phone I like to use my Google a lot but I don't like the assistant. Help me I tried using the instructions I received. They start out by saying find the home button but I have … I am getting the error message can't reach Google at the moment trying to use my voice I already set up recognition and it worked once but now I keep getting that same error message and c…
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Google Assistant will not work when screen is off How can I set Google Assistant to unlock my phone when the screen is off?
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I have turned google assistant off and it keeps popping up asking to be turned on . This is very annoying . ix this problem. I do not like being force to use the assistant . If I needed it I would use it but I don't. . I have turned the assistant off and it keeps popping up asking to be turned on . Please help this is…
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Google Assistant responding on wrong device 1. Home mini in other room. 2. In bedroom with Pixel 3 in my hand. 3. I ask google "what is the weat…
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আমি কিভাবে আমার গুগল এসিস্টেন্ট কে বাংলা বলানোর সিস্টেম করতে পারি আমাকে বলবেন প্লিজ আমি কিভাবে আমার গুগল এসিস্টেন্ট কে বাংলা বলানোর চেষ্টা করতে পারি সেটিং একটু জানাবেন প্লিজ
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OK Google [to do that you need to unlock your phone] I've been using Google assistant to control my lights for a while now. Up until recently this has st… Can't select google keep in Google assistant notes and lists settings I believe that Google keep support was added to Assistant last year, but I'm still unable to set a d…
0 Recommended Answers 57 Replies 95 Upvotes
Google assistant keeps turning on without me calling it or starting it I have tried turning Assistant off, but it keeps popping up at random times to ask me to turn it on.…
0 Recommended Answers 153 Replies 212 Upvotes
Why is google assistant for your headphones running in the background with no headphones connected? I do not have headphones connected to my phone but this message keeps popping up. I've tried looking…
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Google assistant disabled but still popping up and hijacking Spotify - help! Hi all, In the last few weeks I've had a massive problem whenever I play Spotify through headphones …
0 Recommended Answers 125 Replies 485 Upvotes
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