Listen to audiobooks

You can ask your Google Assistant to play your audiobooks.

  1. Buy an audiobook. Learn how to buy a book on Google Play Books.
  2. Say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google," then say a command. Find some examples below.

This feature doesn't work on Bose or Sonos speakers that have the Google Assistant.

Important: The languages you can use depend on the device. Learn which languages work on your device.


  • A book: "Read [book title]."
  • Continue your most recent book: "Read my book."

Control what’s playing

  • Pause or stop: "Pause." "Stop."
  • Resume: "Resume." "Continue."
  • Go forward: "Skip [amount of time]." "Next chapter."
  • Go backward: "Go back [amount of time]." "Previous chapter."
  • Find info: "Who wrote this?" "How much time is left?"

Change the volume

You can set the volume to a specific level (1–10) or percentage (1–100%).

  • Increase: "Turn it up." The volume will increase by 10%.
  • Decrease: "Turn it down." The volume will decrease by 10%.
  • Set a level or percentage: "Volume 5." "Volume to 65%."

Control audiobooks from the Google Home app

If you're using your Google Assistant on a speaker, Smart Display, or Smart Clock, you can change the volume in the Google Home app.

  1. On your phone or tablet, open the Google Home app Google Home.
  2. At the bottom, tap Home Home.
  3. Tap your device and then Pause, play, or change the volume. 
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