How Voice Action Services uses & protects your data

To provide personal results, Voice Action Services collects some information.

Important: Google’s Voice Action Services doesn’t require Google Search or the Google Chrome app.

How we use your data to personalize your experience

Voice Action Services collects certain information to understand your requests and perform actions on your device. We may use information from Google Play Services, your Google Account, and your device. For example, Voice Action Services collects:

  • The transcript of commands that you say or enter to Google Assistant.
  • Information from your calendar events for calendar-related tasks.
  • Your contacts’ names and phone numbers for calls.
  • Your email address to sync your account and some settings.
  • Some phone information for analytics and troubleshooting purposes. This could include crash logs and diagnostics.

We process your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

How we protect your data

Data collected in Voice Action Services is encrypted in transit. Your data is private and secure when it moves between your device, Google services, and our data centers.

How to control your activity in Voice Action Services

You can delete the conversations with Google Assistant from the My Activity page. To delete some or all of your activity, go to My Activity.

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