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Quick start: Call Apps Script from an automation

In this Quick Start, you'll copy the AppSheet Apps Script Examples project that contains a simple "hello world" script to log a message to the Apps Script execution log. Then you'll call that script from an AppSheet automation and confirm its execution.

To copy the AppSheet Apps Script Examples project:

  1. Open the AppSheet Apps Script Examples project:

    Open Project

  2. Click Copy to make a copy of the project.
    This copies the project to the root folder in My Drive by default.

  3. Rename the project to AppSheet Apps Script Example (or a name of your choosing).

    You'll call the sayHello() function that is defined in this project from your AppSheet app to log a message to the Apps Script execution log:

    function sayHello(msg) {
        Logger.log('AppSheet says ' + msg);

For more information about this project, see Use the AppSheet Apps Script Examples Project.

To call the Apps Script from an automation:

  1. Make a copy of the Shirt Orders Example spreadsheet.
    Click Make a copy to download and open a copy of the spreadsheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Rename the spreadsheet, if desired. For example, to: Shirt Orders.
  3. Sign in to AppSheet.
  4. On the My apps page, click Create > App > Start with existing data.
    The Create a new app dialog displays.
  5. Optionally, edit the app name and select a category.
  6. Click Choose your data
  7. Click Google Sheets to access your Google Drive.
  8. Navigate to and select the Shirt Orders spreadsheet that you copied in Step 1.
  9. Click Select.
    AppSheet sets up your app.

  10. Click Customize your app to open the app in the AppSheet editor.
  11. Click Automation Automation icon and click + in the Bots heading.
    We've made some improvements to the app editor.
    You are opted in to the new editor by default, but you can switch back to the legacy editor at any time.

    If you are using the legacy editor

    Click Automation > Bots and click + New Bot
  12. Select the following item in the list of suggestions: 
    When a Shirt Orders record is created or updated, send a notification
  13. Click the Send a notification step to edit it.
  14. Change the name to Call a script.

    Rename task to Call a script

  15. Under Task Settings in the right pane, change the task type to Call a script.

  16. In the Apps Script Project field:

    1. Click Browse (File icon).

    2. Navigate to and select the AppSheet Apps Script Examples project in your Drive.

    3. Click Select.

    4. If prompted to authorize, click Authorize and follow the prompts.
      Note: You'll only need to authorize the first time you access the project.

      If prompted, click Authorize and follow prompts to authorize access to the project

      The Apps Script Project is added and the Function Name field is populated with a drop-down list of available functions from the project

  17. Select sayHello(msg) from the Function Name drop-down.

    Select sayHello(msg) from the Function Name drop-down

    The Function Parameters field is displayed.

  18. For the msg argument, enter the following expression using Expression Assistant:
    'Hello from AppSheet'

    For the msg argument, enter 'Hello from AppSheet' using the Expression Assistant

  19. Click Save to save the app.

  20. In the right pane, click the mobile or tablet icon to display the app emulator.

    Click mobile app or tablet to preview app

  21. Add a new shirt order and click Save.

  22. Click Sync to sync your changes.

    Sync your changes

To confirm the execution of Apps Script:

  1. Return to the Apps Script home page and view the AppSheet Apps Script Examples project.

  2. Click Executions in the left navigation bar to confirm that sayHello() function was successfully completed. You may have to click Refresh if the log has not appeared.

Validate successful execution of the sayHello() function on the Executions page

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