AppSheet automation: The Essentials

AppSheet automation enables you to automate common business processes and document-based workflows. 
A subset of features, such as sending emails or triggering bots with schedule events using AppSheet automation, are not fully supported until you purchase a subscription. That is, you can configure these features, but they won't execute as expected.


Benefits of AppSheet automation include:

  • Unifies AppSheet’s intent-aware, no code-platform with process automation.
  • Offers intelligent process authoring and runtime with rich connectivity allowing users to author and execute their business processes using entities.
  • Addresses the long tail of human-centric processes, document-based workflows, and application integration use cases.
  • Enables you to reuse components in other automations.

Get started

 Watch an introduction on AppSheet automation.

Note: The concepts in this video are still valid, though the AppSheet app editor UI has changed since it was recorded.

How to automate processes with AppSheet Automation using Google Workspace for business

Get started using AppSheet automation:

Next steps

Learn more about automation.

Build automations

Build automations using reusable components to accelerate app development.

Create automation tasks

Add and configure the tasks that are triggered by the processes in your automations, including:

Use templates

Customize content using templates in an automation using formats such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Use document processing

Extract content from documents in a folder or compile folder contents. 

Use external eventing

Trigger a process when a data change happens in Google Sheets.

Tips and tricks

Learn tips and tricks for automation from the AppSheet Community:

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