Create apps: The Essentials

Create an app that connects to and enables you to interact with and manage your data using a user-friendly UI from your mobile or tablet device, or desktop browser. 

Create an app using one of the following methods:

Get started

Watch an introduction to creating a no-code inspection app with AppSheet. 

Note: The concepts in this video are still valid, though the AppSheet app editor UI has changed since it was recorded.

 How to build a no-code inspection app with AppSheet

More videos at: #buildingwithappsheet

Create an app using the My Apps page

To create an app using the My Apps page:

  1. Access My Apps:
    • Sign in to AppSheet. My Apps is displayed, by default.
    • Click My Apps in the top navigation. 
    • Select My Apps from the account profile drop-down.

      Select My Apps from the account profile drop-down

    For more information about the My Apps page, see Explore the My Apps page.

  2. Click + Create to start with your own data, start by using a sample app template, start by creating a blank app, or start by using Gemini in AppSheet.

    The app is opened in the app editor. Try out your live app in the welcome modal, then click Customize with AppSheet to proceed to the AppSheet app editor.

    If you signed in with a Google account, your Workspace organization administrator must enable Google Drive for your domain for you to successfully create an app.

Next steps   


Explore the app editor

Explore your app in the AppSheet app editor, and use the app preview to interact with and edit your app.

Explore the My Apps page

You Explore the My Apps page where you can view all of your apps and AppSheet databases created by or shared with you.

Data management

You create apps from your data. Learn best practices for organizing and managing your data in an app-friendly way.

App design

Design a great user experience for your app.


Add actions to allow users to perform specific operations.

Chat apps

Create no-code Chat apps with AppSheet and share them with users in your domain.

Offline behavior and sync

Configure the offline and sync behavior to enable offline use of your app.

Machine learning

Use machine learning to extract information photos and images, generate predictive models, or support a voice interface in your app. 


Secure your app and control user access.


Integrate technology, such as Scandit and Zapier.

Test and deploy

Test and deploy your app so that your users can access it.


Share your app with users.

Manage and monitor your apps

Manage and monitor your apps, including branded apps.


Review best practices for performance, reliability, and scaling, and understand the limits.

App development and testing is always free on AppSheet.

When you are developing and testing your app, feel free to use all of the features of AppSheet. You will not be restricted from using features that are covered under paid pricing plans. While you are developing and testing your app, you do not need to run a deployment check or enroll in a pricing plan. Our goal is to enable you to create an app that meets your needs and is reliable.

Once you finish development and testing, you should run a deployment check and subscribe to a paid plan.

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