Tasks: The Essentials

Define the tasks you want to run in a process in your bot:

What is a task?

A task is a simple activity that runs quickly. For example, you can send someone a message (email, SMS), change data, or call an external service.

You add a task as a step in a process. Tasks can be reused across processes.

Tasks in a process in a bot.

Supported task types

AppSheet supports the following types of tasks:

The following shows an example of configuring the Send an email task.

Send an email task configuration

Add a task to a bot

Add a task to a bot as a step in a process using AppSheet in one of the following ways:

  • Choose from the list of suggestions. AppSheet Automation is an intent-aware platform. The platform understands user intent and recommends configuration options that align with what you are trying to achieve. For example, selecting the following bot suggestion would configure a basic Send an email task for you:

    When a new NationalParks record is created, send an email
  • Reuse an existing task. When creating a custom step in a process, click Run a task and select an existing task from the list.
  • Create a custom task.
    • When creating a custom step in a process, click Run a task, then select Create new task in the Task to run list to create a reusable task and include it in the existing process.
    • Select Automation > Tasks and click + New Task to create a reusable task that can be used in any bot process.

About task reusability

Tasks are reusable components - they can be used in multiple processes. In the Tasks tab, if a task is reused it displays a reusability indicator (number adjacent to the task name) to indicate the number of processes using the task.

In the example below, the employees: Send an email to [Email] task is a shared component that is used in one process.

Task is a shared component used by one process.

Click the number to view the list of processes that are using the task:

Shared components listed in a dialog

Deleting a task that is used in one or more processes may negatively impact the execution of those processes. If you try to delete a task that is used by one or more processes, AppSheet will prompt you to confirm the operation, as shown:

Shared component warning dialog

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