Common issues

Google Classroom roster won't import

Certain types of Google accounts cannot be imported from Google Classroom to Applied Digital Skills. If you have imported your roster from Google Classroom and some or all of your students are not importing, this is likely because those students have accounts that cannot be imported into Applied Digital Skills.

There are two things you can do:

  1. Ask the owner of the skipped accounts (probably your student's parent or guardian) to reach out to us using the form linked here. We can give them more information on why the account will not work with Applied Digital Skills.
  2. Have your students access our curriculum and lessons without signing in. 

If your organization creates accounts for students using Google Workspace for Education, students should be able to log in and access Applied Digital Skills, though it is not guaranteed. This longer-term solution may require more communication and planning with your school administration and IT departments. Learn more about Google Workspace for Education and its accounts for school domains here.

Error when signing into Applied Digital Skills after connecting to Google Classroom

In order to leverage Google Classroom integration features with Applied Digital Skills, Classroom and the Classroom API must be enabled for your domain. To do this, ask your administrator (who is my administrator?) to ensure that both Google Classroom and the Classroom API are enabled as services. For step-by-step instructions, your administrator can review the Control User Access to Classroom article to enable Classroom and the Set Classroom Data Access article to enable the Classroom API. 

If you cannot reach your administrator or are otherwise unable to enable Classroom and the Classroom API, you can navigate to your Applied Digital Skills profile page and disconnect from Classroom so that you do not reach error pages.

Project links won’t open

If your students are having trouble opening the project links (found on the right hand side of the page, next to the video), then the problem is most likely due to your school's administrator/technology settings.

First, check to see if firewall restrictions are blocking the Applied Digital Skills website, then contact your school’s IT administrator for help resolving the issue. For help finding your administrator, read this article.

Here are a few quick recommendations for your administrator:

  • Whitelist (This will allow access to content hosted on the site)
  • Whitelist the domain (.google is the TLD; Many project files originate from this domain)
  • Whitelist the Google account (Many project files originate from this account)
  • Exempt from DPI-SSL inspection (This will allow any additional curriculum videos stored here to play)

If you want to try accessing documents without contacting your administrator, we recommend sharing the documents from your own account. Open the document from your teacher account, make a copy, then share the copy with your students.

If you have trouble accessing the documents from your school email account, you can also try using a personal account to access the documents and make a copy. Share that copy with your school email account. Make another copy and then share that with your students.

Adding student names and class lists
At this time there is not an option to automatically add students’ names to a class roster. Students must join a class individually by signing into the Applied Digital Skills website with their email address and using the class code. Once a student joins a class, teachers must manually change email usernames to student names (if they wish to do so). 

Once a student joins a class, teachers must manually change email usernames to student names (if they wish to do so).

  • Open the class from your dashboard and select the People icon.
  • In the Name column, where it says No name, click the pencil icon and add the student's name. (Note that only names are editable in this chart, not usernames or assignments.)

To preserve student privacy, student names are stored only on your computer. They are never sent across the internet or stored on Google's servers. Consequently, student names added using the Add Name feature on a class’s Students page are tied to the computer and browser you use to enter them. Note: If you sign in on a different computer or use a different browser, the names will not appear.

Additionally, if your IT department has installed management software on your computer that periodically resets or restores it, names may be lost.

As a more permanent solution, many teachers create their own spreadsheet to keep track of Applied Digital Skills student names, usernames, and passwords

Lessons do not appear on the Lessons page 

If the lessons are not showing up at all on the main lessons page, please try these steps to get them to populate:

  1. Do a hard refresh of the page.
    • Windows: ctrl + F5
    • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
  2. Close all browser tabs and reopen the Applied Digital Skills website multiple times. This can take up to 5 tries.

If neither of these actions clears up the issue, please contact us.

Students can’t join a class

The student may have signed up for the wrong role.

To correct this, ask the student to follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Applied Digital Skills account. Make sure to use the same email address that was used to set up the Applied Digital Skills account.
  2. Navigate to My profile (either in the side menu of your dashboard, or by clicking on Teacher or Student in the top right corner of the page).
  3. View the account type (teacher or student).
  4. Click on the Switch to Student or Switch to Teacher link under the account type.

Note: a student will not be able to access the teacher’s view of a class they have joined by switching roles. 

If your student is registered as a student and is still having issues accessing your class using the class code, please contact us.

Changed reflection responses

Currently, if a teacher clicks one of the answer options while viewing a student’s reflection responses, it will appear as if they have changed the student’s answer. This does not actually change a student’s answer. If you refresh the page, the original answers will be restored.

We are working on fixing this functionality within the dashboard.

Curriculum availability and feedback

We plan to keep our curriculum available as long as possible. We are always taking user feedback and suggestions, meaning curriculum can sometimes change. As Google updates the look and/or functionality of the applications used in these lessons, we do our best to make quick updates to our videos and instructions.

To share your feedback on our curriculum, fill out this form

You can also join our reference user group. This voluntary group provides valuable feedback to the Applied Digital Skills team and helps develop the direction of the curriculum. You can opt-in as an educator/instructor or student/learner. As a member of this group, you may be asked to give feedback on Applied Digital Skills lessons or website features, test out early or draft releases, and/or get a classroom visit from a Googler.
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