Find My Device acceptable use policy

Google’s Find My Device network aims to help users locate all digital (phones, wearables, hearables) and physical (wallet, keys, bikes) assets safely by leveraging the power of the crowdsourced network of Android devices. We expect our users to use and engage with our product in a responsible, safe, and legal way. The policies listed below play an important role in maintaining a safe experience for our users and curbing abuses that threaten or expose real-world harm.

You may not use Google Find My Device to:

  • Track people or track property that does not belong to you.
  • Identify a person’s presence or lack thereof in a physical location without their knowledge and consent.
  • Otherwise attempt to obtain any information about another individual through the placement of a tracker tag without their knowledge and consent.

Using Find My Device to track or stalk individuals without their consent may be a crime punishable by law. Compatible trackers can show potential victims a redacted version of your Google Account email address. Law enforcement may also request additional identifying information to support their investigation. Learn how Google handles government requests for user information.

You may not use the Find My Device network with tracking devices that have been modified or tampered with. Removal of a tracking device’s speaker or safety features is strictly prohibited and may result in Google taking action on your account.

Google reserves the right to disable your access to Find My Device or your Google Account if you have been found to be using the Find My Device network for these purposes.

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