Learn about Android security & privacy settings

With Android security and privacy settings, you can find:

  • An overview of your status
  • Alerts, when there are potential risks present and provides corrective suggestions
  • Recommendations on how to improve your overall security and privacy

Find your security & privacy settings

Important: Not all Android devices have combined security and privacy settings, some may have separate security and privacy sections.

  • On your phone with Android 13 and up: Tap Settings and then Security and privacy.
  • On your phone with Android 12 and lower:
    • For security settings: Tap Settings and then Security for security settings.
    • For privacy settings: Tap Settings and then Privacy for privacy settings.

Learn about your security & privacy options

Find your security & privacy alerts

At the top of your “Security & privacy” page:

  • If you have no alerts: You find “Looks good.”
  • If you have a warning or alert: You find “Device is at risk” and a description of the risk below.

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