Learn how Google Play services uses certain permissions on your device

Google Play services is system software that enables important features on your device and helps make your device more secure and reliable. Note that Google Play services is different from the Google Play Store. 

Google Play services has access to certain permissions on your device to perform core services. To learn how Google Play services uses your device features and information, click the links below:

  • Body Sensors: Get information about your vital signs.
  • Call Logs: Access and change your call history, and reroute outgoing calls. 
  • Camera: Use your camera to take pictures or videos.
  • Contacts: Find and modify your contacts, and identify accounts on the device.
  • Files & Media: Find, change, and delete the contents of your shared storage. Find location information from your media files.
  • Location: Get your device’s location. Learn about location settings.
  • Microphone: Record audio.
  • Nearby Devices: Discover and connect to nearby devices.
  • Notifications: Allow apps to send notifications on your device. Control notifications from individual apps.
  • Music & Audio: Allow apps to access your music and audio on your device
  • Photos & Videos: Allow apps to access your photos and videos on your device.
  • Phone: Make and manage phone calls and voicemail. Get phone status and identity.
  • Physical Activity: Get information about your physical activity.
  • SMS: Send, receive, and read SMS or MMS text messages on your device.

Update Google Play services

If your device shows that Google Play services uses permissions other than those included here, make sure your device has the latest version of Google Play services. To update Google Play services:
  1. On your Android device, open the Settings app .
  2. Tap Apps & notifications and then See all apps.
  3. Scroll and select Google Play services.
  4. Scroll and tap App details.
  5. Tap Update or Install.

How Google handles your information

In order to enable some features, Google Play Services may collect and send some information to Google which may include crash logs and diagnostics information for analytics purposes. Any information that Google collects is handled in accordance with Google's Privacy Policy.

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