Predictive audiences

About predictive audiences

A predictive audience is an audience with at least one condition based on a predictive metric. For example, you could build an audience for ‘likely 7-day purchasers’ that includes users who are likely to make a purchase in the next 7 days.


Availability of predictive audiences depends on the underlying predictive metrics being eligible for use by meeting all prerequisites. If you have exported modeled audiences to linked product accounts, those audiences will not accumulate new users once Analytics stops modeling.

Create predictive audiences

Once your property is eligible for predictions, you can use suggested audience templates to create your own audiences with conditions based on those predictions.

  1. Sign in to Analytics.
  2. Navigate to the relevant Google Analytics 4 property.
  3. Click Audiences in the left pane.
  4. Click New audience.
  5. Under Suggested audiences, click Predictive.
  6. Suggested predictive audiences that meet prediction-modeling prerequisites are labeled as Ready to use. Click one of the templates that's ready.
  7. Modify the template to your needs using the audience builder. You cannot edit the predictive condition, but you can add additional non-predictive conditions.

Using predictive audiences

In your advertising products

Predictive audiences are automatically shared with any Google Ads accounts you have linked to your property.

As remarketing audiences

Users who are on the threshold of converting are more easily convinced to complete those conversions. For example, users who have studied product details or added items to their carts have given strong signals that they’re already taking ownership of those products. Analytics goes beyond these simple signals and uses machine learning to find deep patterns of behavior that are unique to your property and show that a user is likely to convert. A persuasive follow-up from you via a well-crafted remarketing campaign can provide that last nudge they need to complete the process.

In re-engagement campaigns

While users who are likely to churn are signaling a waning interest in your business, they have also previously demonstrated engagement with your business. Approach them again with reminders of the value you offer in terms of product variety, quality, and price, or convenient shipping and return options. Remind them of their value to you with special offers.

At this time predictive audiences cannot be used with Firebase Remote Config and Firebase Cloud Messaging campaigns. Additionally, the use of predictive audiences in Google Ads app campaigns that are focused on in-app actions is currently in Beta for the time being.
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