[GA4] Remarketing lists for search ads

You can create remarketing audiences using the Google Analytics 4 audience builder, which offers sophisticated list-building capabilities. You can use these audiences with Google Ads to customize the campaign for people who have previously visited your site or app. In addition, Analytics offers detailed user analytics which can also help you decide how to create your remarketing lists.

In order to use a Google Analytics 4 audience with your Google Ads campaigns, you need to activate Google signals and enable ads personalization when you link your Analytics property to Google Ads. Once you have created the audience in Google Analytics, it will automatically become available in Google Ads where you can associate it with your search ad groups.

How it works

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) with Analytics works much the same way as RLSA in Google Ads: you use Analytics to help define the criteria for adding customers to remarketing lists; Google associates visits to your site or app (based on your Analytics criteria) with one of Google’s advertising cookies on users’ devices; and when your customers later search on Google.com, they may see customized ads based on their previous interaction with your business.

Keep in mind:

  • The maximum lifespan of a remarketing list for Google search ads is 540 days.
  • A remarketing list for Google search ads must have at least 1,000 cookies before it can be used to tailor your search ads. This helps protect the privacy of those who make up your list.
  • Remarketing lists that include the Google Display Network demographics dimensions Age, Gender, Interests are not eligible for RLSA.

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