[GA4] Mini guides: Explorations

[GA4] Explorations: user journeys through your content

To understand how users engage with your content across platforms and devices, and from event type to event type, implement User-ID to uniquely identify users, and use the path exploration technique to see which paths they take.

A path exploration starts with a screen or an event that represents the first step of the user's journey. You can then see the next top-five screens viewed or events triggered by the user following that initial step. You can also create a backwards path, which shows the steps leading up to a final step. Along the way, you can expand the graph to show what users did in each step.

For example, if you start with a screen, you might see that users viewed a photo of a new product on your app, then tapped to read a description on another screen, and then completed the purchase on your website.

If want to examine the succession of events, you might start with ad_exposure, then see which ad_click events follow that, and which view_item, add_to_cart, and ecommerce_purchase events follow ad_click.

Learn more about the events Analytics collects automatically and which ones are recommended for different verticals.

Learn more about path exploration.

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