[GA4] Segment overlap

Visualize and explore how user segments interrelate.

The segment overlap technique lets you compare up to 3 user segments to quickly see how those segments overlap and relate to each other. This can help you isolate specific audiences based on complex conditions. You can then create new segments based on your findings, which you can apply to other Explorations techniques and Google Analytics reports.

The example segment overlap exploration below explores the intersection of the New Users, Mobile Traffic, and Converters segments:

Segment overlap example

Create a segment overlap exploration

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. On the left, click Explore.
  1. At the top of the screen, click Template Gallery, then select the Segment overlap template.
  2. Configure your exploration using the options described below.

Configure the segment overlap exploration

Options Description
Segment comparison Apply up to 3 segments to the exploration.
Breakdowns The dimension used to provide the breakdown data series for the table. 
Start row Select the starting row in the table.
Show rows Set the number of rows to show in the table.
Values Display up to 10 metrics in the table.

Work with segment overlap explorations

The segment overlap diagram is interactive:

  • Move your pointer to the interior of a segment or union (the intersection of 2 or more segments) to see the exclusive numbers for that segment or union: this excludes any overlaps with other segments.
  • Move your pointer to the border of a segment to see the inclusive numbers for that segment: this includes any overlaps with other segments.

The data table below the diagram shows the actual data deriving from the selected segments. You can add metrics and dimensions to the table to explore your data even further. The table above uses Country as a breakdown dimension to provide additional context to help you understand where your users are coming from.

To further refine the data, add a filter. For example, you can limit the records included in both the segment overlap diagram and data table to users with Revenue > $1000.

To create new segments from the segment overlap data, right-click on a segment or union in the diagram, or on a cell in the data table. For example, you could create a new segment based on Mobile Traffic AND Converters AND New Users. You can then use that segment in other techniques in this exploration, and publish it to use the segment in other explorations, or in Analytics.

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