Funnel analysis

Funnel analysis lets you visualize the steps your users take to complete a task and quickly see how well they are succeeding or failing at each step. You can act on this information to improve your site and reduce inefficient or abandoned customer journeys.

How funnels work

Funnels in Analysis work similarly to Custom Funnels in Analytics. However, Analysis funnels offer the following advantages over custom funnels:

  • You can define up to 10 steps in the funnel.
  • You can use a segment as a step.
  • Funnel steps can follow the previous step directly or indirectly.
  • You can set a time constraint between steps.
  • You can define optional steps.
  • You can apply up to 4 segments to the analysis.
  • You can apply a breakdown dimension.
  • You can see trends for each funnel step (trended funnels).
  • The visualization includes a data table, providing greater context and detail.

Analysis funnels can be "closed" or "open:"

In a closed funnel, users are considered as being part of the funnel if they enter a stage from the beginning of the funnel.

In an open funnel, users do not have to complete a previous step (e.g., Step 1) in order to be included in the metrics for a subsequent step (e.g., Step 2).

For example, you can set up a funnel to track users looking to buy your branded T-shirts. The funnel below compares the behavior of 4 different types of users (all, new, returning, and converting). The data table is broken down by country.

Funnel example

Configure the funnel

Options Description
Visualization Display the data in a standard or trended funnel.
Segment comparison Apply up to 4 segments to the analysis.

Set the conditions for up to 10 funnel step. Click the edit pencil to add or edit steps. You can also specify a segment as a step.

To make an open funnel, edit the steps and on the upper right, click MAKE OPEN FUNNEL.

Breakdown The dimension used to provide the breakdown data series for the table.
Rows per dimension Set the number of data series displayed in the table.
Show elapsed time Show the average time elapsed between funnel steps.
Next action Select a dimension to show the most common user actions following each funnel step.
Filter Restrict the data shown in the analysis according to the conditions you provide. Filter clauses are applied using AND logic.
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