Collection and configuration limits

This help center article is part of the App + Web Property Beta.

App + Web properties are not currently supported in the Analytics app.

Collection limits

Analytics does not log events, event parameters, and user properties that exceed the following limits.

For detailed information about the error events that Analytics logs when you exceed the following collection limits, see Analytics Error Codes.


Logged item Limit Can I delete items if I'm close to the limit?
Distinct events 500 per app instance (app) or Client ID (web)

Automatically collected events such as first_open and in_app_purchase do not count toward the limit.
Length of event name 40 characters N/A
Event parameters per event 25 Yes
Length of event-parameter name 40 characters N/A
Length of event-parameter value 100 characters N/A
User properties 25 per app instance No
Length of user-property names 24 characters N/A
Length of user-property values 36 characters N/A

Configuration limits


Configured  item Limit Can I delete items if I'm close to the limit?
Audiences 50 Yes
Registered user properties 25 No
Funnels 200 Yes
Registered text parameters 50 Yes
Registered numeric parameters 50 Yes
Registered custom conversion events 15 Yes


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