[GA4] Event collection limits

These limits apply on a per-property basis. You can increase certain limits (but not event/parameter character limits) by upgrading your property to Google Analytics 360. For configuration limits, see this article instead.

Collection limits

Google Analytics doesn't log events, event parameters, and user properties that exceed the following limits. For example, Analytics doesn't process the 26th user property nor does it process an event name with more than 40 characters.

For detailed information about the error events that Analytics logs when you exceed the following collection limits, see Analytics Error Codes.

Logged item Limit (For 360 limits, go here) Can I archive items if I'm close to the limit?

Distinctly named events

There is not limit on the number of distinctly named events for web data streams.

500 per app user per day

(for app data streams)

You might see more than 500 distinctly named events if users on different app instances trigger different events.

Automatically collected events and enhanced measurement events don't count toward the limits.

Length of event name 40 characters. If you mark an event as a key event and the event exceeds 40 characters, then the event will not be reported as a key event because the appended "_c" will be missing. N/A
Event parameters per event 25 event parameters Yes
Item-scoped parameters per event In addition to the prescribed item-scoped parameters for each recommended ecommerce event, you can include up to 27 item-level custom parameters in an ecommerce event. Yes
Length of event parameter name 40 characters N/A
Length of event parameter value

100 characters

The following exceptions apply:

  • the page_title parameter must be 300 characters or fewer
  • the page_referrer parameter must be 420 characters or fewer
  • the page_location parameters must be 1,000 characters or fewer
User properties 25 per property  No
Length of user property names 24 characters N/A
Length of user property values 36 characters N/A
Length of User-ID values 256 characters N/A

Character limits

The character limits are the same for single-width character languages (e.g., English) and double-width character languages (e.g., Japanese). The encoded URL character length is used when counting character limits.

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