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See the complete view of your online and offline conversions.
This feature is only available in Google Analytics 360, part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite.
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Salesforce Sales Cloud Data Import lets you bring sales pipeline data from Sales Cloud directly into Google Analytics. This helps you get better insights and take action to get better results from this information.

Using Salesforce Sales Cloud Data Import, you can now easily augment your digital analytics data with offline sales data (for example, leads, opportunities, conversions), giving you a more complete view of the conversion funnel. You can then measure the value of offline conversions that result from online ad and non-ad clicks, without the need to reconcile online and customer relationship management (CRM) data manually.

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How Salesforce Sales Cloud Data Import works

Salesforce Sales Cloud Data Import works by integrating Google Analytics tracking IDs with your Salesforce lead and opportunity forms. These identifiers let you track prospects and customers as they move through your sales process milestones. This data is automatically uploaded to Google Analytics at regular intervals. You can now join online marketing data from your apps and websites with offline Salesforce Sales Cloud data in Google Analytics reports, segments, and remarketing audience lists.


  1. A prospect responds to your ad
  2. The prospect fills in your lead form, which is integrated with Analytics tracking IDs
  3. The prospect moves through your sales milestones
  4. Salesforce Sales Cloud data is imported automatically to Analytics
  5. Your on- and offline data is available for reporting and segmentation in Analytics, and export to other Google platforms.

Limits of Salesforce Sales Cloud Data Import

  • Google Analytics 360 users only
  • Maximum of 500 daily uploads per Google Analytics property
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Data Import supports standard Salesforce Lead and Opportunity Objects. Custom Objects are not supported.

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