View creation

A Google Analytics view can be thought of as a set of rules that define the reports that a user sees.

Views are sorted alphabetically based on view name, so it is prudent to prefix each view with numbers (starting with 01, 02, etc.). This naming convention will ensure that the most relevant views are listed first.

Appending the date that each view is created (mm-dd-yyyy) may also help users identify the historical reach of each view.

When using BigQuery (360 only), it is generally recommended that the rawest view within a property be linked to a BigQuery project in order to ensure that as much data as possible is sent to BigQuery for analysis.

Recommended Views

Create a view named 00_Raw. This view should have no configuration at all and is useful to always have a complete data set.

Create a view named 01_Test_mm-dd-yyyy, using the creation date in the name. Use this view to test goal settings, view settings, and filters before you apply them to the master view.

Create a view named 02_Master_mm-dd-yyyy, using the creation date in the name. This is the master view. Data within this view has been refined using filters and view settings and the data is considered accurate. You should not change this view unless absolutely necessary. View creation date should be appended to its name.

Create a view named 03_UserID_mm-dd-yyyy (optional), using the creation date in the name. This is the User ID View, which you can use to analyze deeper into authenticated traffic. This view is optional, and only appropriate if the user id feature is enabled.

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