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Ask Analytics Intelligence about your data in plain English, and get answers to a wide range of questions. Analytics Intelligence will get smarter over time as it learns the types of questions users are interested in.

How it works

Metrics and dimensions are the building blocks of reports, and you can ask about them in Analytics Intelligence using natural language. Learn more about how metrics and dimensions work.

Let’s walk through an example:

  • Country is a dimension, and New Users is a metric.
  • In Analytics Intelligence, you can ask, “Which countries are most new users from?”
  • However, you don’t necessarily need to use the exact Analytics terminology when talking to Analytics Intelligence. You could also ask, “Which locations are new customers from?”. Analytics Intelligence will understand that “location” probably refers to the Country dimension, and “new customers” probably refers to New Users.

Questions to try

The following questions give you some examples of what you can ask.

Category Try asking...
You can ask basic questions. “How many users did we get yesterday?”
“Where is my traffic coming from?”
“How many new users did we get last week on mobile?”
You can ask why questions. “Why did my traffic drop?”
“Why is my bounce rate increasing?”
“What are the reasons revenue increase last week?”
You can ask anomaly questions. “Is there a problem with paid search?”
“Is Canada traffic normal?”
“Is there anything unusual?”
You can check performance. “Which channel converted the best for [Goal X]?”
“Which landing pages with over 500 sessions have the worst bounce rates?”
You can chart trends. “Trend of new users this month?”
“Graph of sessions from Chicago vs Seattle in December?”
“Percent of Direct traffic over time?”
You can compare data for different values or time ranges “Conversion rate for referrals vs organic search?”
“Average time on page for mobile vs desktop?”
“How many [EventAction] did we have in February vs January?”
You can ask about shares or percentages to understand significance. “Share of sessions by browser?”
“What percent of sessions in the U.S. are from social?”
“What share of sessions are from women?”
You can ask complex questions combining multiple phrases. "How did share of new users compare in January for Firefox vs Chrome?"
"Trend of new users this year vs last year."


Analytics Intelligence may not be able to answer all of these question types for your view, since it depends on the particular configuration and the data available.


Analytics Intelligence can also answer lots of questions specific to certain groups of users.


For e-commerce websites “Which products had over 200 unique purchases?”
“What is our conversion rate in Spain?”
“Share of revenue by country last quarter?”
For advertisers “Top campaigns by [Goal X] conversion rate?”
“Which banner ad content performs best?”
“Which paid search keywords convert the best?”
For publishers “Which [Custom Dimension for Article] got the most views yesterday?”
“What share of people on [Page] are female?”
“Trend of pageviews for [Author X]”



Analytics Intelligence currently accepts questions only in English.

There will be cases when Analytics Intelligence could not understand the terms or grammar used in your question. In these cases, we make every effort to explain the issue and help get you back on track.

At this time, Analytics Intelligence aims to answer questions about your historical Analytics data. It is not currently able to answer questions related to:

  • General support (e.g., “How do I build a segment?”)
  • Strategic advice (e.g., “Which campaign should I invest in?”)
  • General search (e.g., “What’s the weather like?”)


Tips about asking questions

You can specify the date range in your question, for example: “What were my most popular pages February 1-24?” or “Share of sessions from Canada last week”. If you don’t specify a date range, Analytics Intelligence assumes a default date range of the previous 30 days.

The autocomplete options you see while typing in Analytics Intelligence are entities (metrics, dimensions, or dimension values) that exist for your profile and match what you’re typing.


Best Practices: Asking questions in Google Analytics

Help us learn faster

As users ask more and more questions, Analytics Intelligence will learn what you care about and expand the range of questions it can answer.

We need your help, though. Did you try asking a question but Analytics Intelligence couldn’t answer? Give us feedback through the in-card feedback prompt. Did Analytics Intelligence give an answer, but it wasn’t what you were looking for? Let us know by responding to the “Was this answer helpful?” question at the bottom of each card, or by selecting a feedback option in the overflow menu.




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