Google Marketing Platform Org admins

An Org admin has all administrative permissions for Google Marketing Platform Home, and can manage the organization, link and unlink product accounts, manage user permissions for the organization and linked product accounts, and can confer Org admin and other administrative permissions. Org admins can also set the service level (from Standard to 360) for objects in product accounts (Learn more).

Org admins are automatically assigned the Administrator role in Analytics, and can thereby assign themselves other user roles in Analytics. They can also assign themselves user roles in other linked accounts.

Org admins can see which users have access to an account, along with details about those users. User details include:

  • The Analytics accounts, properties, and views, the Google Tag Manager containers, and the Optimize containers to which the user has access
  • The last date on which the user interacted with Google Analytics report data.
    Interactions include:
    • Viewing a report or dashboard
    • Accessing data via an API call, for example, in a Chrome extension or in the Analytics mobile app

Org admins can also view the Change History for Google Marketing Platform.

Change History lets you keep track of:

  • When a change was made
  • Who made the change
  • What was changed

For example, you can easily see when someone linked a new account to your organization, added or removed users, changed the service level for an object, or changed the end date on an order.

Having a record of these changes eliminates confusion over something like an increase in billing--instead of wondering, you can search your change history to see that one of your administrators changed the service level for a property from Standard to 360, or made changes to the billing parameters.

You can see changes for the last two years.

For the purposes of convenience, you should have at least two Org admins, but not many more.

Your primary consideration in designating someone as an Org admin is how much you trust that person. You are going to put that person in the role of being able to grant permissions to himself and others for Google Marketing Platform and for all of the product accounts linked to Google Marketing Platform.

When you link a product account to Google Marketing Platform, all Org admins are given administrator permissions for the product account. For example, when you link Google Analytics 360, then Org admins automatically have the Administrator role in Analytics. Those permissions for the Org admin role remain intact as long as the product account is linked to Google Marketing Platform.

A primary benefit of the Org admin role is to be able to recover lost access to a product account. For example, if you lose access to an Analytics 360 account because the only administrator leaves the company, then an Org admin can designate other users as Analytics 360 administrators.

One way to guarantee that someone always has access to the Org admin role in the case of an emergency is to:

  1. Create a Google account expressly for that purpose (e.g.,
  2. Add that Google account to the Org admin role.
  3. Manage access to the password for that Google account. 

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