Google Ad Manager revenue toggle

Hide metrics based on GAM & GAM Backfill revenue for certain Analytics views.

The Google Ad Manager revenue visibility toggle allows publishers that use the Ad Manager/Analytics 360 reporting integration to hide metrics based on GAM & GAM Backfill revenue for certain Analytics views.

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How it works

One of the benefits of the Ad Manager reporting integration is being able to see revenue data in Analytics 360. The Google Ad Manager revenue visibility toggle allows publishers to control revenue visibility for linked Ad Manager networks within Analytics 360.

The revenue toggle allows you to hide metrics based on potentially-sensitive GAM Revenue and GAM Backfill Revenue from specific Analytics views. Use it to limit access for consultants, contractors and employees that shouldn’t be able to see revenue data.


Publishers that use the AdX and AdSense integrations rather than serving backfill through GAM will not be able to hide AdX Revenue and AdSense Revenue based metrics.


  1. An Analytics 360 property linked to an Ad Manager network.
  2. Admin access to the Analytics 360 property.

Hide revenue data

Follow these steps to hide Ad Manager revenue data from specific views in Analytics 360:

DoubleClick for Publishers linking is found in the Analytic administration for a property.

  1. Navigate to the Ad Manager linking section of any Analytics 360 property linked to a Ad Manager network. (Analytics 360 > Admin > Property column > Google Ad Manager.)
  2. Click Google Ad Manager.
  3. Click Google Ad Manager linking
  4. Check the boxes in the Hide GAM Revenue column next to the views where you want to hide revenue data.
  5. Open a report using one of your selected Analytics 360 views to confirm that revenue data was hidden. 

The revenue toggle allows you to hide DFP revenue from specific Analytics 360 views.

Hidden fields

When you check Hide GAM Revenue, all fields that are based on GAM Revenue and GAM Backfill Revenue are hidden. This includes system defined calculated metrics based on of these fields and user defined calculated metrics.

When the toggle is enabled, revenue based metrics are hidden at the Analytics 360 view level. The toggle affects the API, core reports, custom reports, calculated metrics and dashboard widgets.

Note: BigQuery is not affected by the Hide GAM Revenue toggle.

AdX and AdSense revenue data

The Hide GAM Revenue toggle only provide controls for GAM and GAM Backfill revenue. AdX and AdSense revenue are not affected by this toggle.

Refer to our Developer Guides for information on how to add the User ID to your tracking code.

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