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Tracking Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages require a different Analytics tag.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source page format for the mobile web that makes it possible for your pages to render near instantly on mobile devices. AMP (.amp.html) pages are similar to HTML pages and load in any browser. However, you cannot use analytics.js on Accelerated Mobile Pages, so a different Analytics tag is provided specifically for AMP.

Analytics data collection is implemented as a layer on top of the Measurement Protocol. User identifiers are randomly generated and stored either in localStorage or cookies. The user identifier is reset when the user clears cookies. The AMP tag supports IP truncation as described in IP Anonymization in Analytics. Data from AMP documents is always IP anonymized.

AMP Analytics supports the Analytics opt-out. If the opt-out is installed, Analytics data collection is disabled.

Accelerated Mobile Pages allow users to engage with content from a single publisher on multiple sites during the same session. Learn more about session-based metrics collected from Accelerated Mobile Pages.


To use Analytics on .amp.html pages, you must:

  • Disclose how Analytics collects and uses data, and offer users the opportunity to opt-out of Analytics. You can do this by linking to the Google privacy and terms, which includes a link to the Analytics opt-out page.
  • Use the AMP Analytics tag on your mobile pages. Refer to the AMP Analytics spec on Google Developers.

Capabilities and limitations

AMP Analytics allows you to collect the following data:

  • Page data: Domain, path, page title
  • User data: client ID, timezone
  • Browsing data: referrer, unique page view ID
  • Browser data: screen height, screen width, user agent
  • Interaction data: page height and page width
  • Event data
Analytics for AMP currently has more limited capabilities than standard Analytics; AMP capabilities will be added over time.
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