[UA] About the Search Ads 360 Integration

See your Search Ads 360 data in Analytics.
This feature is only available in Google Analytics 360, part of Google Marketing Platform.
Learn more about Google Marketing Platform.
This feature is not compatible with Mobile-app properties.

The Search Ads 360 Reporting Integration allows Analytics 360 customers to view and analyze Search Ads 360 data in Analytics 360. Once the integration is complete, you’ll see a new set of dedicated Search Ads 360 reports in the Acquisition section of Analytics 360. These reports show the Analytics 360 Acquisition-Behavior-Conversions (ABC) metrics along Search Ads 360 dimensions, as well as Clicks data imported from Search Ads 360.


To use the Search Ads 360 Reporting Integration, you need to:

  • Be an Analytics 360 customer, and party to the latest version of the Analytics 360 contract, which includes the Policy requirements for Google Analytics Advertising Features.
  • Be a Search Ads 360 advertiser.
  • Be party to the email agreement that specifies which Search Ads 360 Advertiser IDs and which Analytics 360 properties you want to link. Your Analytics 360 Account Manager will confirm the terms and process the email agreement.
  • Turn on the conversion API (also known as auto-tagging) in your Search Ads 360 account. (Your Account Manager will do this for you.) Turning on the conversion API appends gclid and gclsrc to your landing page URLs, which enables Analytics to track your Search Ads 360 traffic.

    Note: When campaigns are tagged with gclid or gclsrc, UTM parameters are ignored.

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