This article is about Universal Analytics properties, which will stop processing data on July 1, 2023 (October 1, 2023 for Analytics 360 properties). If you haven't already, start using a Google Analytics 4 property.

Search Ads 360 Acquisition reports

Analyze your Search Ads 360 data using Analytics reports.
This feature is only available in Google Analytics 360, part of Google Marketing Platform.
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Acquisition > Search Ads 360 reports

When the Search Ads 360 Reporting Integration is complete, you'll see a new set of Search Ads 360 reports in the Google Marketing Platform > Acquisition section of all profiles with access to Search Ads 360 data in your linked Google Analytics 360 property.

The Search Ads 360 reports support native Search Ads 360, or "SA360", dimensions, and let you:

  • Advertisers: Monitor the performance of individual Search Ads 360 advertisers.
  • Engine Accounts: Assess the performance of each of your Search Ads 360 engine accounts.
  • Campaigns: Analyze how each of your Search Ads 360 campaigns drive site engagement and conversions. 
  • Ad Groups: See how well your Search Ads 360 ad groups are meeting your expectations. 
  • Keywords: Understand the performance of each keyword in your Search Ads 360 account.

By default, the reports show you the Summary group of Acquisitions, Behavior, and Conversions metrics.

Search Ads 360 reports, default metrics

Open the Clicks group to see a collection of Search Ads 360-specific metrics.

Search Ads 360 reports, Clicks metrics

About the data

The Search Ads 360 reports include clicks from Google Ads, as well as from all supported search engines that you use with Search Ads 360, such as Bing and Yahoo! Japan. If you choose to share Search Ads 360 cost data, you see aggregate cost in the Clicks tab of each Search Ads 360 report.

The Source/Medium information in the All Traffic reports reflects sessions initiated from paid-search ads managed by Search Ads 360. The source is assigned based on the Search Ads 360 Engine Type:

Search Ads 360 Engine Type Source Medium
Google Ads google cpc
Microsoft bing cpc
Yahoo! Japan cpc
Baidu baidu cpc
Comparison Shopping comparison_shopping cpc


If you have linked your Google Ads and Analytics accounts, then the source/medium information for Google Ads campaigns appears according to how you configured that link rather than according to the Search Ads 360-integration rules.


SA360 dimensions are available in the Acquisitions > All Traffic reports as secondary dimensions:

SA360 dimensions available as secondary dimensions in reports

SA360 dimensions are also available when you create or edit segments:

SA360 dimensions available in the segment builder


Note: Currency conversion in Google Marketing Platform advertising products-Analytics integrations

If your Analytics view uses a different currency than your Display & Video 360 or Search Ads 360 account, Analytics automatically converts the Display & Video 360 or Search Ads 360 cost data to the Analytics currency, using the exchange rate at the midpoint of the reporting time range. For example, if you've selected January 5th to 19th, Analytics uses the exchange rate from January 12th.

Display & Video 360 cost data is used in the Analytics metrics DV360 Cost, DV360 eCPC, DV360 eCPM, DV360 eCPA, and DV360 ROAS.

Search Ads 360 cost data is used in the Analytics metrics SA360 Cost, SA360 CPC, SA360 RPC, and SA360 ROAS.


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