Google Analytics 360 Best Practices by Industry

Part III: In-depth industry insights

In your industry, transactions take place online most of the time. However, a percentage of transactions might be completed offline, whether it's via call centers or in-store.


The following KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are commonly used by business in your industry:

  • ROI YoY (Return on investment, year over year)
  • CPA YoY (Cost per acquisition, year over year)
  • ROAS YoY (Return on advertising spend, year over year)
  • Average transaction value growth YoY
  • Revenue per product / route / hotel

Any of these KPIs can be reported on the GA interface.

Suggested best practices and quick wins for businesses in your industry:

Enhanced Ecommerce

This functionality provides deeper insights into your users' shopping behavior and product-level performance. Get an overview of Enhanced Ecommerce by checking out these resources.

Custom dimensions

This feature allows you to use additional segments of visitors, sessions, and pages for analysis that are not shown in the reports by default. A use case can be to differentiate regular buyers versus customers who purchase using promotional items only. It can also help you track coupon codes and promotional codes.

Content grouping

This feature enables ecommerce sites to group content, view it and compare aggregated metrics by group name. With Content Grouping, you can drill down to the individual URL, page title or screen name.

Micro conversions

Micro conversions are typically goals that help build relationships with your site visitors. In your industry, you can use these micro conversions as a way to track engagement or client retention.

Steps to track
  • Set up your account for repeat purchases
  • Add to basket
  • Recouping coupon codes vouchers/gifts
  • Newsletter signup
  • Click and collect (if there's a store)
  • App downloads (if any)


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