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Track your micro conversions.

Micro conversions are activities that users frequently engage in before purchasing. Sites commonly have several kinds of micro conversions, so it's likely that you'll want to set up at least two or three goals. Examples of goals that you may want to set up include:

  • Email signup: Create a URL Destination goal and define your “Thank you for signing up” page as the goal page. Establish a value for this goal. This value will be used to calculate Avg Session Value in your reports. To determine a value, evaluate how often the users who reach the goal become customers. For example, if 10% of email signups eventually result in a purchase, and your average transaction is $50, you might assign $5 (i.e. 10% of $50) to your "Signed up for email" goal.
  • Created account: Create a URL Destination goal and define your “Account setup completed” page as the goal page. Create a funnel for the goal. Add a funnel step for each step in the account creation process.
  • Browsed site extensively: Create a Pages/Session goal. The number of pages that you set as a threshold for this goal will depend upon your site and what you consider to be extensive browsing. Ask yourself how many pages eventual customers view before purchase and set that number as your threshold.
  • PDF Download: You'll need to track each download as a Google Analytics event. Edit your site code and add an onClick event to the download link. The onClick event needs to send a Google Analytics event. Then, create an Event goal which refers to the Google Analytics event category/action that was triggered by the link.

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