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The instructions in this help article may be affected by recent changes in the Analytics user interface. See this blog post for details. Help center updates are coming soon.

Product linking summary

See what other Google products your Analytics account is connected to.

The Analytics product linking summary lets you see the other Google accounts, products, and services that an account administrator has linked to your Analytics account and data.

When you link Analytics to another account, some data can be shared between that account and your Analytics account. This makes your Analytics account a central place to analyze all of your data, and enriches your data experience across all of your accounts.

The relationships between Analytics and your other accounts are independent from each other. You have control over which accounts you want to link to. The linking process for every account is different, and what data is shared is also different.

From the product linking summary, you can get a high-level description of what each integration does. You can also find links to resources that give you more in-depth information and show you how you can change or manage your integrations.

Edit Product Linking settings

You can find the product linking summary under the PROPERTY column on the Admin page of your Analytics account.

Show me the steps
  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Select the Admin tab.
  3. Select the ACCOUNT.
  4. Select the PROPERTY.
  5. Locate the Product Linking section and select the product link you wish to configure.

You can find these options under the Property column on the Admin page in your Analytics account.

Note: Regardless of the settings in the Product Linking section or the Data Sharing settings, you can configure other Google products (such as AdWords, for example) to show your Analytics data in real-time. In these cases, Analytics data is not stored outside of your Analytics account.

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