[UA] Google Ads Video Campaigns

Monitor the performance of your TrueView video ad campaigns.

This report allows you to analyze the performance of your TrueView video ad campaigns that you created using Google Ads for Video.

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About Video Campaigns data

Use auto-tagging for accurate data

For accurate data in Analytics, you must use auto-tagging with your TrueView video ad campaigns. Manually tagged (custom) campaigns cannot be displayed in the Video Campaigns report. In other Google Ads reports, manually tagged TrueView video ad campaigns display inaccurate clicks and no TrueView metrics (such as Website Clicks and Video Played to percentages).

With auto-tagging enabled, your Google Ads account linked to your Analytics property, and TrueView ads being served on Google Ads, the source/medium is google/cpc when a user clicks on an ad to visit your site. If the user instead clicks on a link in the video description, the source/medium will reflect the parameter you set.

If TrueView ads are not being served on Google Ads, and the user clicks on the link in a video description after watching a YouTube video, the source/medium will be youtube/referral. However, this will appear as youtube/social in the Realtime report due to it having different report measurement rules.

Data differences between Analytics and Google Ads

Conversions from TrueView video ad campaigns are attributed differently in Analytics and Google Ads. The Video Campaigns report attributes conversions based on direct clicks from your TrueView in-stream video ads, and Google Ads for Video attributes conversions based on ads being viewed.

Additionally, in the Video Campaigns report, you may notice a bigger difference between Website Clicks (non-billable events) and Sessions than you see in other Google Ads reports. TrueView video ads are more brand-focused than search ads and often generate as much non-direct traffic as they do direct website sessions. For this reason, we recommend looking at other conversion metrics in addition to Website Clicks and Sessions.

Data availability

Analytics will attribute goals to Google Ads video campaigns only as a result of direct clicks from TrueView in-stream video ads. Goals that have been attributed to TrueView in-stream video ads in this way may be imported by Google Ads.

How to use the report

Select a metric group that matches your advertising goals

Use the Explorer tab to select which metric group you’d like to analyze. In addition to familiar metric groups—like Site Usage—you can select Website Clicks and Engagement.

If the main goal of your TrueView campaigns is to immediately drive traffic to your website with a strong call-to-action in your video ad, you may be most interested in the Website Clicks metric group. Website Clicks contains cost and revenue data, including metrics like Paid Views, Website Clicks, and RPV (revenue-per-view).

Use the Engagement metric group if your main advertising goal is to create brand awareness. This metric group shows you how users engaged with your different TrueView campaigns. For example, look at the Video Played to 100% metric to see the percentage of users who watched your entire video.

Choose a dimension to analyze

By default, the report shows Campaign as the Primary Dimension. Switch to Ad Content or Video to view data for these dimensions. To further segment your data, you can also add a Secondary Dimension, such as Device Category.

Sort the table by your most important metric

Click a column header to sort the data in the table by the metric that’s most important to you. For example, if you’re in the default view of the Website Clicks metric group, click the ROAS column header to sort your campaigns by Return on Ad Spend.

Improve your performance

Consider optimizing any campaigns, ad groups, or ads that are underperforming according to your advertising goals. For tips on optimizing your video campaigns, read this article. You may also want to consider investing more in high performing campaigns.

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