Dimensions and metrics

About custom dimensions & metrics

This feature is only available for properties using Universal Analytics. Learn how to set up Universal Analytics or upgrade from Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics.

Custom dimensions and custom metrics are like default dimensions and metrics in your Analytics account, except you create them yourself. You can use them to collect and analyze data that Google Analytics doesn't automatically track.

For definitions, examples, and an illustration of how dimensions and metrics work together to create meaning in your data, read dimensions and metrics.

Using custom dimensions and metrics

Custom dimensions and metrics require additional setup in your Analytics account and in your tracking code. Once you complete both steps of the setup process, you can use them in your reports.

Custom dimensions can appear as primary dimensions in Custom Reports. You can also use them as Segments and secondary dimensions in Standard Reports.

Custom metrics can appear in Custom Reports and as Segments in Standard Reports.

Set up custom dimensions and metrics: An overview

Creating either a custom dimensions or a custom metrics is a two step process. Use the links here to find the specific instructions for each step. You must complete these steps in order:

Step 1: Set up a new custom dimension or custom metric in your Analytics account.

Follow the instructions to set up custom dimensions and metrics within your Google Analytics account. When you're done with this step, you must complete step 2 of the process, or you won't see any data for custom dimensions or metrics in your reports.

Step 2: Set up a new custom dimension or custom metric in your tracking code.

You should only complete this step after you've completed step 1 in the process. This step requires technical knowledge and access to your source code, and should be completed by a developer.

Follow the environment specific instructions in our Developer Guides to set up a custom dimension or metric. These links are also included at the end of the help center instructions for setting up custom dimensions and metrics in your account: