About the Users Flow report

What is the Users Flow Report?

Users Flow is a graphical representation of the paths users took through your site, from the source, through the various pages, and where along their paths they exited your site.

A node represents: one value of the dimension by which you’re filtering the visualization (first column); or a single page or collection of pages (for example, all pages in the wearables directory).

A connection represents the path from one node to another, and the volume of traffic along that path.

This visualization lets you see:

  • The relative volume of traffic to your site by the dimension you choose (e,g., traffic sources, campaign, browser)

  • The relative volume of pageviews per page or collection of pages

  • Specific metrics for connections, nodes, and node exits when you hover over them

Where to Find Users Flow

Users Flow is located under Audience > Users Flow in the Reporting section.



Next Steps

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