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This article is about Realtime reports in Universal Analytics. For information about the Realtime report in Google Analytics 4, go to [GA4] Realtime report.

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What data is displayed

There are six reports: Overview, Locations, Traffic Sources, Content (or Screens, for Mobile App properties), Events, and Conversions. All reports display (from left to right):

  • the number of active users,
  • the number of hits during each of the most recent 30 minutes
  • the number of hits during each of the most recent 60 seconds

Click any dimension in the reports to apply a real-time segment based on that dimension. Alternatively, type a value into the search box to add a real-time segment on that value. Segments persist as you click through the Real-Time reports. Note that standard Segments do not apply in Real-Time.

Overview report

The Realtime Overview shows the top-ten pages on which users are active, the source for the users on each page, and the number of active users on each page. Active users are those who have sent a hit to Analytics within the last five minutes. Active users per page is the number of users who have sent their most recent hit from that page.

It also shows the referrals for active users and the pages through which these users entered your site and their geographic locations. If you are running a 1-day campaign for example, you can see how many active users were referred by that campaign, whether they are coming in through the appropriate landing page(s) and their geographic locations.

The Top Social Traffic section uses the same social referral groupings that are used in the Social Reports. This allows you to see all the social networks that refer traffic.


Use the Realtime Locations report to see the geographic locations of your active users. You can also see how many pages/screens were viewed from each city during the past 30 minutes.

Traffic Sources

This report is only displayed for web properties.

Use the Realtime Traffic Sources report to see which mediums and sources referred the users who are on your site right now. This allows you to monitor the percentage of your active users who were referred by a specific site or campaign.


Use the Realtime Content/Screens report to see which pages/screens have been viewed during the past 30 minutes. For example, you can see whether content you posted today is currently popular.

Click Pageviews/Screen Views(Last 30 min), above the table, to see the total number of page views attributed to direct traffic that each of your pages has received during the past 30 minutes.


Use the Realtime Events report to see the real time firing of events. The table shows the top 20 event categories over the past 30 minutes, sorted by the number of users who have interacted with that event. The percentage of total users is also shown on each row. Click an event category in the table to see just the activity for that category.

Click Events (Last 30 min), above the table, to see the total number of events (by event category) during the past 30 minutes.


This report only displays conversions from destination and event goals.
Use the Realtime Conversions report to see real time goal completions. The table shows the goals that active users completed during their sessions, the number of users who completed each goal, and the percentage of total users who completed each goal. Click a goal in the table to see just conversion activity for that goal.

Click Goal Hits (Last 30 min), above the table, to see the number of conversions (by goal) during the past 30 minutes.

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