[UA→GA4] GA4 migration walkthrough (videos)

See how to migrate to GA4 and link to Google Ads, and in a second video, how to migrate ecommerce to GA4 and import purchase key events to Google Ads

In this video, a GA4 expert shows how to migrate from Universal Analytics to GA4:

  • Create a new GA4 property, based on the existing Universal Analytics property
  • Create a web data stream
  • In Google Tag Manager, set up data collection
  • Activate Google signals
  • Link your GA4 to Googe Ads, to make your GA4 data available to use in Google Ads
  • Manually recreate an audience of users who visited your Contact page
  • Recreate key events (i.e. migrate your goals), using the example of how to recreate a phone click key event
  • Import key events into Google Ads

Tag Manager help documentation referenced in video

In this video, a GA4 expert shows how to migrate your ecommerce from Universal Analytics to GA4:

  • Push data to Google Tag Manager using a plug-in
  • Import purchase key events to your Google Ads account, so that you can use them in your campaigns

Help center documentation referenced in video

List of recommended events for online sales, referenced in video

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