[UA] Configuring Search Console data in Analytics

This article is about Search Console integration in Universal Analytics. For information about Search Console integration in Google Analytics 4, go to [GA4] Search Console integration.
Linking your Analytics property to your Search Console property enables data to flow between the products. Data exported from your Search Console property into Google Analytics is subject to the Google Analytics terms of service while Google Analytics data imported into Search Console is subject to the Search Console terms of service.

Enable Search Console data sharing

In order to use the Search Console reports, you need to enable Search Console data sharing in your property settings. You must have the Editor role for the Google Analytics account and Owner permission for the Search Console account that you want to link.

  1. Sign in to your Analytics account.
  2. Click Admin, and navigate to the property in which you want to enable Search Console data sharing.
  3. In the PROPERTY column, click Property Settings.
  4. Scroll down to Search Console Settings. You should see the URL of your website, which confirms that the website is verified in Search Console and that you have permission to make changes. If you do not see the URL, you need to add your site to Search Console.
  5. Under Search Console, select the reporting view(s) in which you want to see Search Console data.
  6. Click Save.
An Analytics property can be associated with only one site, and vice versa. Creating a new association removes the previously existing association.

Historical data in your Search Console reports

Search Console keeps data for the last 16 months. As a result, SEO reports in Analytics also include a maximum of 16 months of data.

Data is available in Search Console and in Analytics approximately 48 hours after it is collected by Search Console. This time frame may vary depending on your timezone.

When you enable Search Console data sharing, historical Search Console data is available to your reports, and is affected by two factors:

  • The creation date of the Analytics view
    Data in an Analytics view is available only from the creation date of the view forward.
  • The date and time of site verification in Search Console
    Data is available within 24 hours of site verification.
    If you complete site verification and then create a view, data is available from the creation date of the view forward.
    If you create the view and then complete site verification, data is available from the time of site verification forward.

To illustrate:

  • Jan 1: Create View A in Analytics.
  • Feb 1: Verify your site in Search Console.
  • Mar 1: Create View B in Analytics.
  • Apr 1: Enable Search Console data sharing

Given this series of events:

  • View A includes Search Console data beginning Feb 1.
  • View B includes Search Console data beginning Mar 1.

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