Report Controls

Add more dimensions to your reports

Every Google Analytics report can use a subset of all the dimensions that are available, but only a few dimensions are displayed automatically. You can customize some reports to display more or different dimensions.

Learn more about dimensions and metrics, and how to use them in your reports.

Add primary dimensions

A primary dimension is built in to every Google Analytics report, and it's often the most relevant information for that data set. For example, in the Browser & OS report, the primary dimension is Browser. In some reports, you can change the primary dimension. A list of the available dimensions appears above the data table in reports where you can do this. To change primary dimensions in the report, click a dimension name: If available, click the name of a dimension above the data table to see it in the report.

You can't change the primary dimension in some reports.

Add secondary dimensions

In most reports, you can also add a secondary dimension. This adds another dimension to the report, so you can organize analyze your data by two or more dimensions. To add a secondary dimension to a report, use the dropdown above the data table, then either search or browser for additional dimensions that are available in a report: Use the dropdown to add a second dimension to the report.

You can't add secondary dimensions in some reports.