This article is about Google Analytics 4 properties. If you're using a Universal Analytics property, refer to the Universal Analytics section of this help center.

[GA4] Engagement metrics

Engagement metrics provide information about the length of time users spend on your website or mobile app so you can identify the most triggered events and most visited pages and screens.


A session is a collection of events that a user triggers in a timeframe. A session begins when Google Analytics collects a session_start event from your site or app. Metrics about sessions help you understand the number of times users visit your site or app. For more details about sessions, read How the number of sessions is calculated.

Engaged sessions

Engaged sessions are sessions that last 10 seconds or longer, have one or more conversion events, or have two or more views. In addition to engaged sessions, Google Analytics provides the following metrics:

  • Engaged sessions per user: engaged sessions / users
  • Engagement rate: engaged sessions / sessions

User engagement

User engagement is the length of time that your app is in the foreground or webpage is in focus so you can understand the time that users spend engaged with your content. 

Google Analytics collects the user_engagement event after a user leaves a page or screen, even when a session isn't an engaged session. For example, if a user visits your site for only four seconds, the engagement_time_msec is 4000 milliseconds. However, the activity doesn't count as an engaged session.

Active users

An active user is any user who visits your website or mobile app. Google Analytics identifies an active user as a user who has an engaged session or when Analytics collects:

  • the first_visit event or engagement_time_msec parameter from a website
  • the first_open event or engagement_time_msec parameter from an Android app
  • the first_open or user_engagement event from an iOS app

Average engagement time

Average engagement time is the sum of user engagement durations divided by the number of active users. This metric shows the average engagement time per user. Google Analytics also shows the average engagement time per session, which is the sum of user engagement durations divided by the number of sessions.

User engagement (AVG. TIME)

Google Analytics includes a user engagement (AVG. TIME) metric in the Events report when you view the overview report for the page_view or screen_view event. This metric shows the sum of user engagement durations divided by the number of triggered events.

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