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Instructions for creating filters are in Create/manage view filters.

Here are two ways to use filters on geo-fields to track visits based on geographical regions:

1. Consolidate countries into sales regions

In addition to tracking visits from individual countries, see how many visits your site gets from one of your sales regions (such as APLA, EMEA, North America or South America). Using a set of filters, you can consolidate the countries of your sales region into its respective region name. In this way, you can track visits from a region that is spread across multiple countries.

For example, the sales region known as APLA (Asia Pacific & Latin America) includes the following countries:

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Korea

To track this region, create the following filter:

Filter Type: Customised Filter > Advanced

Field A: Visitor Geographical Country

Extract A: Argentina|Australia|Brazil|China|Hong Kong|India|Indonesia|Japan|Mexico|New Zealand|South Korea|Taiwan

Output To: User-Defined

Constructor: APLA Region

Once the filter has processed, you see APLA Region listed in the Visitors > User-Defined report. Additionally, you can cross-segment by User-Defined in other reports to see data for the APLA Region.

NOTE: The filter overwrites any existing User Defined variable. you won't be able to use any custom segmentation if you apply the filter described above.

2. Use Region-Specific Reporting

You can also track< visitors from smaller geographical regions such as specific cities or countries. To view statistics from these types of regions, use the following Include filter:

  • Filter Type: Custom filter. Include
  • Filter Field: Visitor City (this can be Visitor Region or Visitor Country as well)
  • Filter Pattern: (San Diego)|(Los Angeles)|(Irvine)

For an overview of report view filters, read About view filters.

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