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No data in AdWords Campaigns report

AdWords advertisers who have linked their accounts to Analytics should be able to see their AdWords cost data and destination-URL-visits data in the AdWords Campaigns report. However, if you see no data in your reports, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your ads are not running as expected
    If you're not seeing any click data in your AdWords Campaigns report, check that the advertising campaigns you'd like to track with Analytics are running as intended.

  • Your AdWords account is linked incorrectly to your Analytics property
    If your ads are running as expected and you still don't see any data in your AdWords Campaigns report, then it may be due to an untagged URL or an incorrect implementation of your AdWords cost data. The table below outlines the different scenarios that could occur under these circumstances.


      AdWords account linked AdWords account not linked

    Manual tagging

    If you manually tag your AdWords ads with source=google and medium=cpc, then they show up in the AdWords Campaigns report. The parameter values are case sensitive so you must use lowercase google and lowercase cpc.

    Your AdWords cost data appears on the Clicks tab in the AdWords Campaigns report.

    Within the AdWords Campaigns report, you can view only the data for your AdWords campaigns. You can't see any cost data appear on the Clicks tab.


    This is the most desired result for people who want both their AdWords cost and session data to appear in their AdWords Campaigns report. If you've linked your AdWords account and auto-tagged all your links, this scenario should apply to you.


    Learn how to apply cost data or auto-tag your destination URLs.

    If you don't see any cost data to apply from your View Settings page, then you might not have linked your AdWords account to your Analytics account.

    In your AdWords reports, cost data does not appear on the Clicks tab, and all AdWords dimensions such as Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, etc. are identified as (not set).

    No tagging

    No AdWords information appears in your AdWords Campaigns report.

    Your AdWords data is identified as an organic or referral medium in your Analytics reports.

    You get the same results as when there's no destination-URL tagging or applied cost data.

Some rows in AdWords reports have no session data

A common reason for missing data is that you've linked an AdWords account to a view for which some traffic has been filtered out. For example, if traffic to a specific landing page has been filtered out of a view, you still see the AdWords information for those destination URLs, but you don't see basic metrics like Sessions and Bounce Rate.

Learn more about the differences between a click and a session.

Keep in mind that Analytics imports cost data only from AdWords (and not, for example, from Yahoo).

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