Data sharing settings

There are several data sharing settings in your Google Analytics account. These settings let you customize how you share with Google the data that you collect using a Google Analytics data collection method (like the JavaScript tracking code, mobile SDKs, and the Measurement Protocol), so you can be more open or more restrictive with your data based on your own preferences. These settings only let you customize how you share the data you collect from websites, mobile apps, and other digital devices using Google Analytics. They do not apply to data about your Google Analytics account or how your account is used, like the number of properties and which additional features are set up.

All Google representatives, including vendors, that can access account data must agree to internal access policy terms and conditions. Data access requires appropriate authentication; all access is over SSL and is logged for security review, and representatives can only use Google-approved computers when accessing customer data.

Change your data sharing settings

You need edit permission to use this feature.

You must customize your data sharing settings when you sign up for a Google Analytics account, but you can return to the Admin section of an account and change the settings any time.

To change the data sharing settings:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics Account.
  2. Click Admin in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  3. In the ACCOUNT column, use the dropdown menu to select an account you want to edit.
  4. Click Account Settings.
  5. Edit any setting, and click Apply to save.

Details and benefits of each data sharing setting

Review the settings in your account, and this additional information here, to help you decide to turn these settings ON or OFF. If all three settings are OFF, your Google Analytics data is only used to help provide and maintain the Google Analytics service.

With other Google products only

Share your Google Analytics data with other Google services and products, like AdWords and AdSense. For example, this option lets you import Google Analytics Goals into AdWords.

Anonymously with Google and others

This option provides feedback about Google Analytics we can use to build tailored reports, customized communication, and better education material for you. Google removes any information that might identify the source websites, combines the data with other sites that use Google Analytics in comparable industries, and reports aggregate trends. Shared data can’t be tied back to individual accounts.

Technical support

Google Analytics support representatives sometimes need to access your account to provide service and resolution to technical issues. When you turn this setting ON, support representatives can access your data to help resolve technical issues. If you turn this setting OFF, support representatives might not be able to help resolve technical issues.

See how you can benefit when this setting is ON
Google support could access your account to troubleshoot and help you find solutions if you report an issue in your account.

Account specialists

Google sales and marketing specialists are trained to find ways to improve your experience with Google products. When you turn the first setting ON, these specialists will be able to look at and assess the efficacy of different implementation strategies and account configurations. Premium and Standard account users can benefit from improved marketing communications that offer usage suggestions, and Premium account users can ask their sales specialist for optimization tips. When you turn the second setting ON, all Google sales experts will also be able to access your account so they can offer more customized recommendations.

See how you can benefit when this setting is ON
Your Google Analytics sales team could help you find ways to improve your advertising spend, for example, by offering recommendations based on an analysis of your keyword performance. The Google Analytics marketing team could suggest ways to improve acquisition or other strategic improvements through a monthly email performance report.

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