Google Analytics APIs

Google Analytics has three APIs available to all users:

  • The Collection API—customise the tracking code to go beyond standard tracking. Collect data on purchases to your site, get reports on two sub-domains in one reporting view, set up your own visitor type definitions, and more.
  • The Management API—use the Google Analytics Management API to efficiently access Google Analytics account and view data in the form of Google Data API feeds. With the Management API, you can efficiently retrieve a specific set of views for a user. Or you can retrieve goal figuration data associated with a specific view. Finally, integrate your use of the Management API with the Export API to get just the reporting data that you need.
  • The Data Export API—create applications using Google Analytics data already available in an Analytics account. Applications can use the API to request report-level data from an existing Analytics view (if authorised to access the view), and to retrieve a customised data report for a selected view.

Because using the Google Analytics APIs requires technical know-how, we keep all technical reference material on Google Code Analytics for developers.