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Suspend Google Allo

If you lose your phone or your phone number and want to block someone else from accessing Google Allo, you can suspend the app.

First, you'll need to contact your phone carrier to lock your number. If you don't lock your number, someone else could potentially reactivate Allo after you suspend it. Then contact Google only after you lock your number.

When you suspend Allo, it's not unregistered. You can only unregister Allo through the app.

Important: We won't be able to find your phone for you.

When you have your phone number back, you can reactivate Allo.

1. Lock your cell phone number

You'll need to lock your phone number through your cell phone carrier. This will prevent someone else from verifying the app.

2. Suspend Google Allo

After you lock your phone number, you can contact us to suspend Allo. The app will stay suspended until you reactivate Allo with your phone number.


  • We'll make every effort to suspend Allo for you. But some issues beyond our control, like technical problems, may prevent us from suspending the app for you successfully.
  • You won't be unregistering Allo when you suspend it, unless you don't reactivate the app within 45 days.
  • Messages sent to you after you suspend Allo will be delivered for 30 days. If you reactivate Allo with your phone number within those 30 days, you'll receive the messages sent to you after suspending the app.

Contact us: To suspend Allo, contact us.

3. Re-installing Google Allo

To reactivate Allo, you'll need be able to receive an SMS to your phone number again. Then you can install Allo.

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