Account Setup

  1. Agency Edge new user setup

    If you are a new user to Agency Edge, here is what you need to know:

    1. Choose a Google Account you wish to use. A Google account can be tied to an email address you use for any Google property, including Gmail, YouTube, Adwords, or Google Apps. You may wish to choose an account that you control in case you ever change your work email address.
    2. Visit Agency Edge and login with your chosen Google account.
    3. If you work at an agency, visit your profile, enter your current work email, the agency you work for, and your primary work location. You will received an email verification and the agency will approve you as a current employee. Some agencies will confirm you instantly, others will take some time to verify.
  2. How to add an agency affiliation

    Adding an agency affiliation gives you access to agency specific courses and collateral and allows your agency to see your progress. Click "add your agency" in your profile and add your current work email, the agency you work for, and your primary work location. We may send a confirmation email with a link you must click on to verify you have ownership of the account. You must be logged into the Google Account associated with that email address when you click the link. If you are unsure, log out of your Google Account, click the link, and you will be prompted for an email address and password. Use the same email address that you are trying to associate with your agency profile.

    If your current work email doesn't show up, you can add your work email as an alternative, then complete the request again.

    If your work email address is already being used for a different Google Account, simply log out of your personal account and log into your work account before trying to "add your agency".

  3. Agency affiliation unsuccessful

    We are working hard to expand agency coverage on Agency Edge, but if you were unable to affiliate with an agency, it is likely for one of the following top reasons:

    1. Your agency may not be setup on Agency Edge yet, if you are working with a Google representative, ask them about Agency Edge for your agency.
    2. If you believe your agency is already using Agency Edge, visit your Profile and “Add your agency” using your work email address.
    3. We may not have setup your agency yet. You can still use the site today to learn about digital advertising and we will contact you in the future when Agency Edge is available for your agency.


  1. What is Agency Edge?

    Agency Edge is a free learning and resource platform to help agencies and third-party partners stay current on digital media and plan, execute, and manage advertising campaigns using Google solutions.

    Agency Edge is currently limited to select agencies and third parties that manage Google media spend for clients.
  2. When will Agency Edge be available in my market/language?

    We are working hard to localize and launch in popular markets and languages as quickly as possible.

  3. Does the Google Certification Program live on Agency Edge?

    No, the AdWords Google Certification Program is a separate program.

  4. How is Agency Edge different from the other Google training and third-party programs?

    Agency Edge is a platform separate from Google AdWords, Google Training, the Google Certification Program (GCP), and the Google AdWords Learning Center. Agency Edge brings together different content and materials in a single place. Within Agency Edge, you can prepare for the GCP exams, review the materials available within the AdWords Learning Center, and access content designed for Agency personnel.

  5. Does Agency Edge provide answers to support questions about Google products?

    No. Agency Edge offers training courses, online resources, case studies and sales collateral covering many Google products including AdWords, Analytics, YouTube and DoubleClick. For detailed answers to support questions visit the Google Help Center.

  6. What type of third parties can access Agency Edge?

    Agency Edge is open to any user with a Google Account. Select agencies are invited to a limited beta test for agencies and third parties that manage Google media spend for clients, with more rollouts planned in the future. Please visit the Google AdWords Learning Center if you manage your advertising in-house.

  7. I have feedback on Agency Edge. How should I submit it?

    We’d love to hear it, please submit using the ‘send feedback’ button at the bottom of every page. We regularly review these submissions.

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