Find related ads in Creative review

Creative review offers the ability to find related ads. Ads are considered related if they have a similar destination page, or are connected by a similar subject (e.g., a brand, a person, or an object). To view related ads in Creative review:

This Ad Exchange feature can also be accessed from within DFP. Learn more about Ad Exchange in DFP.
  1. In the main navigation bar across the top of the page, click the Creative review tab.
    If you're accessing this feature from DFP instead of Ad Exchange, select Delivery, then Creatives > Exchange creatives.
  2. Click the appropriate syndication type, for example, Display or Video.
  3. Select the tab for the ads you’re looking for. For example, if you want to find ads that have already appeared on your site, select Shown.
  4. To view those ads, hover over the ad(s) whose related ads you wish to see.
  5. Click Find related ads. The related ads appear in a filtered page labeled “Filtering related ads.” To navigate through the listing of related ads, click the left and right arrows at the bottom of the page.
    The "Find related ads" link is also available when you perform a search for ads by image or whenever you see small image ads.
  6. To escape this filtered by related ad view, click the X to the right of the “Filtering related ads.”
    In this filtered view, related ads can be blocked in the usual way.
    To view more related ads on the page, click expand in the upper right corner of the ads area.
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