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Use the Marketplace to find publishers, view specific publisher details and statistics, and discover publisher inventory. You can browse all available publishers and products, or narrow the results displayed using search keywords or filter criteria.

Marketplace uses the power of DoubleClick forecasting, which allows you to find any publisher with inventory from Ad Exchange that matches your search criteria, regardless of whether the inventory exists as a product offer.

If the product doesn't exist, you can create an RFP to reach out directly to the publisher. Learn more

To optimize your Marketplace search results, we highly recommend setting a default Publisher geo filter for the countries where you manage business. Learn more

To browse available publishers and publisher inventory:

  1. Sign in to your Ad Exchange account at and click the Marketplace tab.
  2. The interface defaults to the "Publishers" view and displays all publishers with available inventory.

    Marketplace results automatically display impression volume and uniques that match your search criteria, as determined by DoubleClick forecasting. Impression volumes are based on data from the previous 7 days.

    Also displayed is the primary category of the publisher content that matches your criteria. Categorization is done by Google.

  3. (Optional) Sort the list of results by most impressions, most uniques, or by newly listed products.
  4. To learn more about a publisher, publisher inventory, or product offering, click View profile or VIEW INVENTORY.

The inventory view shows you a forecasting of available impressions and uniques from Ad Exchange matching your search criteria, and any available packaged products from this publisher. Separate desktop and mobile impression volumes appear in this view.

To get an even more detailed look at publisher inventory, you have the option of clicking >> to see inventory broken down by things like user age, geo, inventory sizes, verticals, etc. Top domains and apps are also displayed, as detected by DoubleClick forecasting.

You can click to see details, begin negotiations, or accept an offer. If the available packaged products are not exactly what you're looking for, or if there are no existing packaged products, you can still reach out to the publisher with a detailed request about any of the available forecasted impressions, without having to contact them offline. Learn more

By default, Marketplace results are sorted by a combination of metrics, including relevance to any applicable search criteria, publisher brand scores, and activity in the Marketplace.

Search for specific publishers or publisher inventory

In addition to browsing all publishers and publisher inventory, you can narrow the results displayed in the Marketplace using category filters, or by performing a full-text search.

Use category filters to see results with specific criteria

You can filter Marketplace results based on pre-defined, selectable criteria from many different categories.

To filter the results based on certain pre-defined criteria:

  1. View the filter categories by clicking inside the "Select a category to search" field.
  2. Click any category to select your criteria. Click << back to filter options to navigate back to the category list.
  3. Filtered results appear automatically. Click outside of the search menu to collapse the menu.
Learn more about filter categories
Category Criteria
Age Select to view only publishers offering inventory served to users within a certain age range.
Gender Select to view only publishers offering inventory served to users of a certain gender.
User geo Select to view only publishers offering inventory served to users from a certain geographical location.*
Publisher Select to search for a specific publisher by name.
Publisher geo Select to view only publishers located primarily in a certain geographical location.*
Inventory size Select to view only publishers offering certain inventory sizes. This also includes options for interstitial and native inventory.
Format Select to view only publishers offering display inventory or in-stream video inventory.
Vertical Select to view only publishers offering inventory categorized as certain verticals, such as sports, travel, finance, etc.
Device type Select to only view only publishers offering inventory on desktop, mobile, tablets, or Connected TV.
Environment Select to view only publishers offering inventory for certain environments, such as desktop, mobile app, mobile web, or tablets.
Branding type Select to view only publishers offering semi-transparent or branded inventory.
Transaction type Select to view only publishers offering preferred deal or private auction transactions.
Video options Select to view only publishers offering inventory for certain in-stream video formats, video durations, placements, ratings, technologies, or skippable durations.
Audience list Filter publishers offering inventory by one or more first-party user lists. You can search for inventory matching an inclusion or exclusion of user lists.
Mobile app Select to search for a specific app by name.

* When you filter based on publisher geo, you are searching for pubs who are primarily located out of a certain country. For example, if a publisher has user traffic from the United Kingdom, but is based in the United States, filtering user geo by "United Kingdom" returns the publisher, but publisher geo does not.

Also available in the filter categories menu is the ability to perform a full text search or domain search. Learn how to perform a full text search to see results containing specific keywords.

If you've selected filter criteria in the Marketplace, each filter criterion appears inside the search box. To remove any of the filters, click Remove filter icon beside the corresponding filter.

Set default filters to automatically display filtered search results

Default filters allow you to specify a set of Marketplace filters to automatically display only the results that apply to you, each time you visit. Typically, these filters specify the primary audiences where you manage business, such as countries, and other common inventory searches, like verticals or formats.

To set default filters:

  1. Click to "Select a category to search" and choose from the available filter categories.

  2. Select the criteria you'd like to see each time you visit. For example, to set a filter for the countries where you manage business, choose Publisher geo as the filter category and select from the available countries.
  3. Click Set as default filter.

When default filters are set, results are automatically filtered each time you visit the Marketplace, with your selected search criteria. Default filters can be updated or removed at any time.


Perform a full text search to see results containing specific keywords

In addition to displaying results based on pre-defined filters, you can search and filter by any text that appears in the publisher details or product information. The easiest way to perform a full text search is to simply type your query into the search field and select the "Full text" option. To access this feature from the filter menu, click inside the search field and select the "Full text" category.

Full text search displays results matching any part of your query. For example, searching for "Beauty" displays all results for inventory in the "Beauty & Fitness" vertical.

Using free-form text, you can also search for inventory from a specific domain by clicking inside the search field and selecting the "Domain" category.


Exporting publishers and inventory data

You can export publishers and inventory data to a .csv (comma-separated values) file based on pre-defined lists. Note: "Publisher" (publisher name) is a DFP specific field, therefore it will be blank for AdSense and AdMob domains.

To export publishers and inventory data:

  1. Click Download icon underneath the search field to view the export options menu.
  2. Click on a pre-defined list to download the data to your computer as a CSV file.
It can take a few seconds for the download to start and up to a few minutes for it to finish. In the meantime you can continue using Ad Exchange, however do not close the browser until the download has finished.

Find out how to negotiate deals and initiate offers.

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