Submit a campaign for policy review

If you have multiple ads that were disapproved for certain destination-related policies, you can submit an entire campaign for review after fixing your site or app. Refer to the AdWords advertising policies to learn more about what we don’t allow and how to fix violations.


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  1. Go to the Ads or Ad extensions tab and find the disapproved ad or extension.
  2. In the "Status" column, hover over the white speech bubble Ad disapproval bubble next to "Disapproved".
  3. If available, click the link Resubmit my campaign for review.

    Note: If you don’t see this link, the associated policy doesn’t allow campaign submission. You’ll need to make and save minor edits to each ad to trigger a review.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to resubmit the eligible disapproved ads in that campaign.

Once you submit your campaign, the "Status" column of the associated ads will change from "Disapproved" to "Under review". When the review is complete, each ad’s status will be updated in your account to display its current approval status.

We review most ads within one working day. Some reviews may take longer if an ad requires a more complex review.

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If you have questions about our policies, let us know: Contact AdWords Support
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